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Pastoral Care

KSS 2013 Pastoral Care Programs

CRADLE, Woden, RSPCA Students interacting with their puppy through positive training methods

The CRADLE program is based on the acronym Care Respect Acknowledgement Dignity Learning and Empathy. It involves students working with rescued animals at the RSPCA Shelter. Students learn positive training methods, how to make environmental enhancements, care and cleaning of animal habitats, and are educated in animal welfare issues. This program offers the opportunity for a diverse group of students to work together with a common interest and goal and has proven to have positive social and individual benefits. This program has also been found successful in developing teamwork, co-operation and other social skills.

Drumbeat, Youth Worker

The Drumbeat program has proven to assist in Discovering Relationships Using Music Beliefs Emotions Attitudes and Thoughts. Drum beat is also used by some class groups to assist with building team work, concentration and communication skills. It is used at KSS as a transition program for Year 5 students entering Year 6, and runs Term 4 of Year 5 and Term 1 of Year 6 culminating in a performance for the next group of Year 5 students.

Didge Group, Youth Worker The Didge group performing for a spellbound preschool audience.

The KSS Didge group was formed in 2009 and has successfully performed at a number of school and public events. This program is a male mentoring program designed to provide support and cultural connection, primarily for indigenous boys. The group explores various aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and art as well as didge playing.

Young Carers, Youth Worker

The Young Carers Support Group has been successfully running at KSS since 2009 and has continued to grow since that time. Young Carers acts as a support and information source to students who have the added responsibility of caring for a parent, sibling or significant other with a disability, mental illness or drug and alcohol issue.

Street Art School Beautification, Youth Worker One of our students drawing his street art design

This project is designed to give a selected group of middle and high school students the opportunity to enhance their school environment by designing and applying contemporary art works. These include Graffiti art, stencil art and other contemporary styles of art. The program builds students self esteem, helps with engagement and building a sense of ownership in the school, helps reduce unwanted graffiti and vandalism, and beautifies the school environment through the display of completed works.

Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Art Project, Youth Worker

This art program has been running at KSS for the past two years and is designed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students an opportunity to learn about their culture, develop skills in aboriginal art that they can eventually use to supplement their income, and work together to get to know other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The group has completed several projects such as landscaping a native plant garden in the school grounds, painting of story poles, murals and individual works of art. Students work with an experienced Aboriginal artist from the local community who volunteers his time to pass on history, culture and artistic skills.

Hip Hop, Youth Worker

This program uses hip hop and breakdance classes to engage young people. It assists in giving participants a sense of pride and achievement and increases their sense of belonging in the school community. More than just a dance class it has become a program with a positive message of hope and transformation for youth, teaching healthy lifestyle choices and encouraging physical activity.

Judo, Hills Sports Academy  Students demonstrating respectful practices in Judo

Judo has been a successful long term program at KSS, as a way for young men to release energy and pent up aggression in a controlled and supervised environment. It is a highly physical, highly tactile defensive martial art which builds relationships and team work, self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for self, others and other cultures. Many students have progressed on to be graded to Yellow belt.

Choppers, Youth Worker Students developing their mechanical skills in the choppers program

The Choppers program is based on the successful program run at MCSS and has become a mainstay program at KSS for its use in working with young men to engage and encourage them in school. The program is a male mentoring program that teaches students about the use of tools and basic mechanical principles, while focusing on team work and trades based work place behaviour.

Circus Warehouse, Belconnen Community Service Students successfully learning how to ride a unicycle

The Bungee programs are based on principles of active participation, social, emotional and experiential learning and incorporate physical activity, social activities and the medium of the arts to provide young people with skills that promote long-term well being and encourage connectivity to self, others and the community.

Girls Group,

The Girls Group focuses on communication skills, self-esteem, friendships and healthy relationships. Classes could include arts and craft, team building activities and role playing. It is designed to assist students in gaining self-esteem, improved social and communications skills and self-confidence in social interactions.

Adolescent Health Group, The Junction

The Adolescent Health Group run by the Junction is used to teach senior students about important issues they may face as they move towards adulthood. It covers a wide range of topics from sexual health and STD's, drug and alcohol use and abuse, mental health, sexual orientation and healthy relationships. It is also a contact point between the school and the Junction that assists in referrals and providing information to specific students who may be in need of the services provided at the Junction, be it medical, counselling or lifestyle assistance and support.

Swim And Survive Program, Royal Life Saving Society Students receiving instructions in diving

The swim and survive program targets students from refugee and migrant backgrounds and teaches them about water safety and survival skills. The first part of the program that is run in Term 3 each year sees students undertake two weeks of intensive swimming training at CISAC under the direction of the Royal Life Saving Society. Part two of the program is a day trip to Broulee in Term 4, where students attend a surf school and learn about the ocean and staying safe while visiting the beach. This program is a recognition of the 2010 Drowning Report that shows the highest increased percentage of drowning's in Australia is amongst people from Non English speaking, migrant and refugee backgrounds.

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