Kingsford Smith School

An ACT Public School

School Board

The Kingsford Smith School Board meets regularly on a monthly basis. The members of the board are:

  • Board Chair - Marissa Donelly
  • Parent representatives – Ruth Evans, Marissa Donelly and Christine Orr
  • Student representatives – Zali Rackel and Elisha Stevenson
  • School Representatives - Senior School Staff
  • Non-voting members - Kate Greeney, Karen Murray and Paul Branson

The school board provides a formal mechanism for parents, staff and students to have their views taken into account when decisions are made. Section 39(1) of the Act details the functions of a board of a public school:

  • to establish strategic direction and priorities for the school
  • to monitor and review school performance and to report on it to the Chief Executive, parents of students at the school and staff
  • to develop, maintain and review curriculum for the school
  • to develop and review education policies at the school
  • to establish budgetary policies for the school and approve the school budget
  • to establish policies for the efficient and effective use of school assets and the management of financial risk
  • to develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organisations
  • to make recommendations to the Chief Executive on issues affecting the school and to give effect to the Chief Executive's directions
  • to encourage parent participation in their children's learning
  • to exercise any other function given to the board under the Act or any other Territory law.

If you would like to raise an issue with the Board you may either write to the Board via the school administration office, or contact Marissa Donelly by email ( or leave a letter addressed to the Kingsford Smith School Board at the school administration office.

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