Kingsford Smith School

An ACT Public School


All policies of the ACT Department of Education and Training are policies of Kingsford Smith School. The policies of the ACT Department of Education and Training can be found at Kingsford Smith School then localises these policies into our documents and they become the policies of the school. At the Board meeting on the 28th of July, 2009 our School Board accepted the policies that had been developed or localised for our school and these are available through the links here.

Student Management Policy PDF

Student Welfare Policy PDF

Sun-smart Policy PDF

Attendance Policy PDF

Uniform Policy PDF

The School Board consults widely when developing policies. This process may involve:

The publication of policies in newsletters to raise parent awareness.

Parent forums

Parent feedback is welcomed in any form however and we have created the following email address and hard copy or paper feedback is welcome at the front office at any time and there is a box where you can drop off your input.

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