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The canteen is open recess and lunch each day, for lunch orders and over the counter sales. The school canteen and operated by the KSS P&C. Lunch orders can be submitted online using FlexiSchools.

Please click here for the Canteen Page.


The school has a Junior and Senior Choir. Both choirs rehearse weekly and perform at school, community and ACT Education Directorate events throughout the year.

Classroom Programs

Classroom programs are based on the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Frameworks (preschool). There is a strong focus on learning how to learn and inquiry based units. These programs have a strong student-centred approach.

Community Engagement Officers (CEOs)

KSS has two CEO’s, one for the year 3 to year 8 and the other for the year 9 & 10. They are both located in the HUB (Building 4) and predominantly their role is to coach staff. They also oversee student pastoral care and welfare for their respective year levels. CEO’s support all students through individual consultations and advice, special programs and initiatives.


The Australian Curriculum is implemented across Kindergaten to  Year 10. Preschool is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. At KSS there is a strong focus on developing students' literacy & numeracy learning & performing arts.

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