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The KSS Student Representative Council gives students a voice in the decision-making processes within the school.  Representatives from all classes K – 10 will have a role deciding on the outcome for issues relevant to the student body. There are specific school leaders elected across the school, particularly Year 5 and Year 10.

School Governance

The School Board is our official governing body which consists of nine members: the Principal, 3 parent representatives, 2 teacher representatives, 2 student representatives and one community representative. Board members are elected and are responsible for all policy decisions for the school.

Click here for further information about the School Board.

School Psychologist

The school has the services of a school psychologist 5 days per week. The psychologist is responsible for assisting in identifying special educational needs of students and is available to support students and families in times of need.

Student Focus Group

This committee is formed by the Principal, Deputy Principals, Inclusive Education Coordinator, Psychologist and other teachers as appropriate. Throughout the year each child’s learning and/or social and emotional development is monitored and programs are developed and evaluated for children identified as requiring support.

Student Management and Pastoral Care

Our policy is based upon our respect for each child as an individual and is designed to enable children to learn to solve their own problems. Children learn that they are able to make choices, that there are consequences flowing from all choices and, that in addition to their rights, they also have responsibilities to others. Children choosing behaviour which infringes upon the rights of others will be given assistance by staff (often in consultation with parents) to develop more effective behaviour. KSS is a restorative practices and Positive Behaviours for Learning school.

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