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Kingsford Smith School Jets Talented Sports and Service to Community Program

The Kingsford Smith School "Jets" program is an elite sport and service to community program. The program is aimed at empowering students to develop their sporting and service to community potential, whilst providing a strong framework around leadership skills, community interaction and social mentoring.

The main aims of the "Jets" program are to:

  1. Provide the opportunity for students to achieve academically whilst also continuing their commitment to their chosen sport(s) or community activity
  2. To enable students to be a part of their local community and the wider school through volunteering of their time and skill;
  3. To provide a learning environment and venue for students to pursue excellence in sport, during school hours, and;
  4. To provide a forum for leadership and social development through the vehicle of sport and community activity.

The Jets are not just about sporting and community service achievement; rather it encompasses the philosophy of the well rounded young individual. Through the Jets program students are assisted and monitored with their academic progress, as well as being exposed to a number of wellbeing concepts such as social emotional development, nutrition and lifestyle and appropriate conduct within the community at large.

Successful applicants of the "Jets" program need to adhere to the following concepts at Kingsford Smith School:

  1. A high level of sportsmanship, teamwork and the upholding of school values.
  2. Participate actively in all school carnivals and events.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate levels of behaviour, uniform adherence and academic effort.
  4. A willingness to volunteer their skill and time both within the school and the wider community.
  5. Regular, constructive meetings with an appropriate mentor.

.The Kingsford Smith School Jets program consists of 4 core components:

1. Group Fitness Training .

Year 6-8 Jets members—Fortnightly fitness sessions run at school by a personal trainer.

·Year 9/10 Jets members— Given free 12 month Energy Fitness membership and attend the gym once a week during school time as a Jets squad.

2. Specialised Sport Trainings.

These sessions occur predominately during lunch times and are run by a variety of sporting organisations within the ACT depending on member interest.

3. Sports Development and Social and Emotional Learning.

Fortnightly sessions where Jets members have access to guest speakers, nutrition and lifestyle information, goal setting activities, career pathways & study time.

4. Service to community.

Throughout the year, the Jets members are invited to participate in a variety of charity events to raise money for the local community.

In 2015, the Jets participated in:

McHappy Day, Kippax

·        The Call of the Beast, Canberra

·Officiating the Latham Primary School & Charnwood-Dunlop Primary School Athletics Carnivals

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