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Preschool Philosophy

At Kingsford Smith School we believe that children:

  • Belong in a safe, secure and inclusive environment
  • Have the right to learn
  • Deserve to have their voices heard and valued
  • Are a part of decision making
  • Who take informed risks are able to learn while they play

At Kingsford Smith School our preschool program:

  • Has children and families at the heart
  • Is natural, sustainable and culturally diverse
  • Is committed to respecting, valuing and acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,
  • culture and land
  • Works together with the broader community
  • Uses research based practice to respond and evolve
  • Fosters transition to Kindergarten as a natural, child led and continuous process

Our commitment is to:

  • Prioritise personal growth of all children and foster positive relationships
  • Develop literate and numerate citizens
  • Build active members of our learning community
  • Help children see sustainability as an important and continuing responsibility
  • Recognise first Australians are original occupants and carers of our country
  • Value all cultures
  • Provide flexible learning environments and offer individualised learning programs
  • Encourage children to become competent capable decision makers
  • Help children become global citizens

Kingsford Smith Preschool Handbook

National Regulations for Preschool

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