Student Wellbeing

The HUB mission statement

Collaboratively problem solving students’ learning and wellbeing needs using multi-tiered systems of support.

The Hub Team (6-10)

Middle School and Senior School Coaching and Engagement Officers (CEOs) -  facilitate the coaching and engagement of staff with a student centred approach. They also lead the wellbeing team by triaging student referrals to ensure that each student is getting the one on one or small group support required to so that they are better able to achieve their educational and social outcomes. CEOs are also able to work with families if required.

Youth Worker -  work within the student support team aiming to promote school engagement and connectedness for students through providing programs that encourage student growth and self-confidence.  The youth worker works closely with youth services in the Belconnen area and provides a range of programs during, before and after school.

Indigenous Education Officer (IEO) - the IEO's role is primarily to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with their education holistically and to connect and engage with the families/caregivers and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.  We also support the school with sharing and celebrating Indigenous culture and embedding these perspectives across the school’s curriculum.

School Psychologist -  the school psychologist conducts psychological and educational assessments, write reports and provides recommendations. They provide counselling support to students and where appropriate refer young people to external services or programs within education. The school psychologist collaborates with other professionals as a part of a multidisciplinary team to support and enhance student wellbeing, learning and engagement.  They can also provide information and psychological education to students, staff, parents and carers.

School Youth Health Nurse (SYHN) -   The SYHN sees students 1:1 to provide assessment, advice and referral on a range of adolescent health issues such as mental health, sexual/reproductive health, substance use, sleep/eating/hygiene issues, bullying, family problems, problem solving, time management etc.   The SYHN does not provide medical care or assessment or first aid.  The SYHN may also co-facilitate small targeted groups of students with non-government organisations such as The Junction, Menslink, Ted Noffs etc.

Enrolment Officer - The enrollment officer enters all new enrolments, organises class rolls, manages the late sign-in of students and attends to all general students services administration.