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There are language programs that students access across the school, with an emphasis on Mandarin (all years). Students not only learn the Mandarin language, they are also taught about Chinese culture. The school organises a trip to China for years 6-10 students every two years.

Learning I Need To Know (LINK)

The school implements LINK each day for half an hour. This is uninterrupted learning time where all students work on developing essential literacy and numeracy skills. Teachers plan activities based on the student’s need and students are grouped accordingly. Executive teachers in primary school team teach with teachers and provide additional support in small group settings.

Learning Stages

Kingsford Smith School is structured into four learning stages:

  • Early Childhood - Preschool - Year 2
  • Primary School – Years 3-5
  • Middle School – Years 6-8
  • Senior School - Years 9-10
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